he IS watching YOU

a very very veeery short animation of Mr. Birdie’s eyes

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Mr.Birdie multi.png


Here I am again. and now I am Smoooooooooooooooth! ”

Mr Birdie Multires

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until june….

Sleepless at night
Well I remember the sleepless nights

Well, I do too.

and another one has just turned into day..

I was not very happy with Mr.Birdie’s model so I decided to make some ch-ch-ch-changes

..needs a few touches here and there but this is his new look.

Picture 16

Mr.Birdie's new look

Mr_birdie side

Side view


Mr Birdie

I made an attempt to put him some “hair” but I kind of like him better without…

Mr_Birdie furry haid

hair hair fluffy hair

time to go to bed..


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leaves vs dada 1-0

I ve been literally struggling with the leaves.
They look great but evidently the trunk doesn’t like them much.. and crashes! again. and again. and again.Oh yes, guess what? AND AGAIN!!

I ve looked at a couple of other tutorials and I am trying to solve this as soon ( and painlessly) as possible so I can go on with my life and  and start rigging Mr.Birdie. yeeeeeeee-haaaaaa

I decided not to work on the tree anymore this afternoon (well around 21.00ish ) and try to do something different, just to take a break from what apparently was my nerves breaking down into small particles !

So I opened Flash. I must admit I had loads of fun.

I tried to make a simplified version  of Mr. Birdie’s story , hopefully a  proper  ( and very carefully done ) one will be ready in a few days, maybe in a week if i manage to get over that leaf-problem.

But this attempt was really REALLY fun. It has also a guest star , a friend of Mr.Birdie, PLAYROOM’s Koulitsa ( as sources said ,soon to be re-named :p )

But for the moment I wont upload it. Maybe tomorrow I’ll change my mind. Maybe not.

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Think Green!

and the tree needs to be “green” to be a proper tree o house Mr.Birdie.

here are some attempts for the leaves.

still working one them..

Picture 1

Picture 10

Picture 7

Picture 8

branch GREEN closeup

Picture 4

Picture 2

leaves GREENside

a few trials with  the leaves.. [w.i.p. ]

Blender is crashing all day..

( I AM doing something wrong.. I ll find it , and fix it.

Don’t worry Mr. Birdie!

You ll have your home soon)

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Norwegian wood?.. or maybe not.

“I once had a girl, or should I say, she once had me…
She showed me her room, isn’t it good, norwegian wood?”

The Beatles

These past few days ( call them week+) I ve been working on Mr. Birdie’s “home”  or at least an idea of the environment around this round-belly bird.. It is not exactly Norwegian wood as that girl’s in the Beatles song but.. let s hope it’s going to be a nice home for Mr. Birdie!

screen shot -tree

screen shot -tree

screen shot -tree side / top view

screen shot -tree side / top view

tree trunk

tree trunk

I found an    a-m-a-z-i-n-g   tutorial on vimeo by Pablo Varquez   on how to make trees in blender and it s been more than helpful..

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B i r d is the Word!

Thank you Daphne for the link!

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